James Hutton Institute (JHI)


WP6 led by the James Hutton Institute will assess the reduced environmental impacts and ecosystem service benefits which have been enabled by “innovation stacking” at the Centre for Sustainable Cropping managed by Dr Cathy Hawes.

At the CSC a unique suite of restorative agriculture practices have been deployed and their impact monitored using a suite of key ecosystem service indicators in this long term experimental platform.

The many advantages of the CSCs particular approach to crop production, while enhancing ecosystem functions and biodiversity will be showcased.

The CSC will also be assessed using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools by Dr Colm Duffy.

The LCA tools will also be developed to advanced forms by integrating their usual environmental impact assessment, with measures of ecosystem services.

In addition, Dr Duffy’s GOBLIN Land Balance Model will assess uptake of the CSC cropped system at regional and national scales, and assessing the implications of this in a global market contexts too.

The WP6 Leader, Dr Pietro Iannetta will oversee all WP6-based research efforts with Dr Fanny Tran, including supporting the Coordination team in Data Management, and establishment of the econutri database for the whole project.