Work Package Structure

Work package WP1 – Communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities

WP Leader: CETRI (Ioanna Thomatou), Deputies: SPI (Andre Almeida), Stanley (Qinzheng Xu)

Task 1.1: Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication strategy planning

Leader: CETRI (Ioanna Thomatou)

Task 1.2: Dissemination and communication tools design and development

Leader: CETRI (Ioanna Thomatou)

Task 1.3: Exploitation plan, activities and IPR management

Leader: CETRI (Ioanna Thomatou)

Task 1.4: Clustering activities and EU-China cooperation

Leader: SPI (Andre Almeida)

Work package WP2 – Innovative technologies reducing nutrient pollution from manure and other organic matrices

WP Leader: UNITO (Luisella Celi), Deputies: NIBIO (Dmitry Kechasov) HAAS (Junhui Yin)

Task 2.1. Improve and optimize technologies to recycle organic waste and explore nutrient recovery

Leader: NIBIO (A. Sæbø).

Task 2.2. Optimizing technologies for calibration and application of the derived products

Leader: AUA (Spyros Fountas).

Task 2.3. Model circular systems integrating new technologies with innovative crop management

Leader: UTAD (Henrique Trindade)

Work package WP3 – Innovative cropping technologies reducing nutrient pollution in soil and water by optimizing fertilizer use

WP Leader: WUR (Caroline Vandersalm); Deputies: UAL (Rodney Thompson); NAU (Zongzhuan Shen)

Task 3.1 Innovative models and technologies to control N/P emissions from field crops

Leader: AUA (Spyros Fountas).

Task 3.2 Innovative models/ technologies to control N/P emissions from soil-grown vegetable crops

Leader: UAL (R. Thompson)

Task 3.3. Innovations to maximise nutrient recycling and improve NUE in soilless cropping systems

Leader: UTH (Nikolas Katsoulas).

Task 3.4 Innovative plant physiological approaches and fertilizers to improve NUE

Leader. UNITO (Francesca Cardinale)

Work package WP4 – Nature-based technologies reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and NH3 emissions

WP Leader: Chari Vandenbussche (ILVO), Deputies: ATB (Barbara Amon) CAU (Rui Liu)

Task 4.1. Reducing GHG and NH3 emissions from barns

Leader: ATB (Barbara Amon)

Task 4.2. Emission reduction from external storage of organic residues

Leader: ARI (Dionysis Sparaggis)

Task 4.3 Emission reduction from fields

Leader: UTAD (Henrique Trindade)

Task 4.4 Emission reduction through monitoring feedback

Leader: ILVO (Chari Vandenbussche)

Work package WP5 – Environmental impacts, life cycle analysis & socioeconomic aspects

WP Leader: IGZ (Oliver Körner), Deputy: ESSRG (Balint Balazs)

Task 5.1. Systems definition, modelling and analysis

Leader: IGZ (Oliver Körner)

Task 5.2. Life cycle assessment

Leader: AUA (Thomas Bartzanas)

Task 5.3. Socioeconomic assessment

Leader: ESSRG (Balint Balazs)

Work package WP6 – Data management and system-level analysis

WP Leader: JHI (Pete Iannetta), Deputy Leader: NIBIO (Remegio Confesor)

Task 6.1. Data management and field-/farm-scale NBS assessments

Leader: JHI (Pete Iannetta)

Task 6.2. Assessment of nature-based solutions (NBSs) to halt N/P emissions at landscape level

Leader: NIBIO (Rem Confesor)

Task 6.3. Policy-mapping, -codesign, & -recommendations

Leader: SPI (Andre Almeida)

Work package WP7 – Project Management and Coordination

WP Leader: AUA (Dimitrios Savvas), Deputies: METEC (Marco Mangiantini) CAU (Qing Chen)

Task 7.1. Project coordination

Leader: AUA (Dimitrios Savvas)

Task 7.2. Administrative and financial management

Leader: METEC (Marco Mangiantini)

Task 7.3. Monitoring and evaluation

Leader: AUA (Dimitrios Savvas)

Task 7.4. Quality assurance and risk management

Leader: AUA (Dimitrios Savvas)