4. Fields spread over Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy – VERVAET – P15

Demonstrator: Commercial farms Chiari, Biaggi, Jumpers & Vandenborne  (contractors of VERVAET) –  Technologies limiting nutrient losses during & after manure application

Type and volume of input materials/products

Demonstration fields for technologies limiting nutrient losses during and after field application of manure

Type & volume of output materials/products

Optimisation of organic fertilisation using innovative devices for variable rate application of slurries.

  • Demonstration site BE
    • Good location nearby the Vervaet Frans factory (see open day later on)
  • Can be used to test the different tasks of Vervaet in the ECONUTRI project
  • Open for other partners to assess some of the improvement during the course of the project
  • Formal organisation of two demonstration site visits
    • Registration
    • Information session
    • Demonstration
  • Good opportunities to show the products and technologies related to ECONUTRI & her partners

Demonstration of:

  • Manure application machine – state of the art
  • Variable rate application – end to end demo
    • Based on steering of pump rotation speed
  • NPK steered variable rate application
    • Based on NPK sensors of different providers
      • John Deere
      • Dynamica generali
    • Taskmap based upon data available in farmmaps