1. UK/Edinburgh – JHI – P30

Demonstrator: Centre for Sustainable Cropping at JHI – Novel organic cropping technologies

Type and volume of input materials/products

Long term six-crop rotation (potato, winter-wheat, -barley, -oilseed, spring-field beans, -barley). Over 42 ha, each field of ca 7 h which has a split treatment (ca 3.5 h each) of either low input “sustainable” or high input “conventional”. For more info: https://csc.hutton.ac.uk/

Type & volume of output materials/products

Conventional level yields for the species and treatment described. Also, each year adds to the extensive set of system function indicators which span the economic, environmental, and ecological impact -for more details: https://csc.hutton.ac.uk/sysindicate.asp