6. Brandenburg, Germany – ATB – P16

Demonstrator: Leibniz Innovation Farm -Technologies to reduce GHG emissions in dairy barns

Type and volume of input materials/products

State-of-the-art research barns, for dairy cows including specific equipment to monitor milk yield, animal stress, animal health, emissions, equipped with animal sensors, sensor nodes, data acquisitive and processing

Type & volume of output materials/products

Real time information on the temporal & spatial distribution of indoor air quality parameters (including visualisation); measurement of the emission levels of air pollutants based on the monitoring network (OTICE); measurement of animal stress and health parameters

Leibniz InnoFarm in Groß Kreutz, LVAT

The naturally ventilated “welfare barn” is part of the Leibniz Innovation Farm. It houses 50 dairy cows, has an exercise yard, and is equipped with an AMS. The floor is plane, manure is removed in one alley with an automatic scraper, in the other alley with a cleaning robot.

The barn has the option for target ventilation of the animal occupied zone. Ventilation air can be cooled if required.

In 2023, we measured

  • In real time the temporal & spatial distribution of indoor air quality parameters;
  • emission levels of air pollutants based on the monitoring network (OTICE);
  • animal stress and health parameters

In 2023, we

  • prepared the site with extensive instrumentation for measuring the background gas concentrations
  • made extensive preliminary tests for quality assurance of emission measurements for the reference system for OTICE
  • were in negotiation with the Urease inhibitor manufacturer and other stakeholders for the application of the UI
  • developed an experimental plan for emission mitigation experiments with the UI

The barn will be further equipped with additional instruments, so that in end of Q1 2024, following setup will be continuously measuring:

  • 20 ultrasonics
  • 2 CRDS Spectroscopes
  • 2 FTIR
  • >20 TH logger
  • Wind mast with Ultrasonic Anemometer @10m, T, RH, p, Radiation

In 2024, experiments regarding

Urease Inhibitor and manure removal frequency will take place.

Floor plan and manure removal system

Figures 1 and 3 each show the sketched floor plans of the barn with an exercise yard. Attached is also the measured floor plan of the experimental barn (without the exercise yard/outdoor area).

In the upper walkway, a Prinzing manure scraper removes manure, which runs along the entire barn – running yard route. The lower walkway is cleaned by a Lely Collector (can add water, water station available). We are still in negotiation to equip the barn will two cleaning robots that apply automatically the UI.


Figure 1: Schematic representation of the dairy barn: functional areas, ventilation system (grey rectangles with white ventilation openings) and gas collection lines (yellow lines with red capillary openings).


Figure 2: Exterior and interior view of the dairy barn.