Wonderplant SA (WP)

Who we are

Founded in 2008, Wonderplant is a Greek company aiming to support domestic primary agricultural production with know-how and state-of-the-art production methods, and to invest, at an unprecedented economic scale, in the sustainability and the future of Greek fruits and vegetables. In 2011, we set up and operated a model hydroponic tomato production plant in Petrousa, Drama, featuring a pioneering PAD & FAN glass greenhouse and a production system that ensures multiple yields of exceptional crops on a nine-month basis.

Currently, after two expansions of the greenhouse facilities, Wonderplant achieves an optimum production of three different types of tomatoes, totaling 15.000 tons per year.

Wonderplant will participate in

WP3. Innovative cropping technologies reducing nutrient pollution in soil and water by optimizing fertilizer use. In Task 3.3, titled “Innovations to maximise nutrient recycling and improve NUE in soilless cropping systems”.

The role of Wonderplant in Econutri is to test in its greenhouse facilities a novel fertigation system connected with ion selective electrodes (ISEs), and controlled by the software NUTRISENSE, which has been developed by AUA.