Universidad de Almeria (UAL)

The work of the University of Almeria (UAL) in the ECONUTRI project will be to implement in numerous commercial greenhouses, a combined prescriptive-corrective management package for nitrogen (N) management of vegetable crops.

This will be combined with the use of electric tensiometers to control irrigation. Prescriptive N management will be the preparation of detailed plans for frequent N application, throughout the crops, using the VegSyt-DSS decision support system (DSS).

Corrective management will consist of the monitoring approaches of regular soil solution nitrate sampling and petiole sap nitrate analysis.

The data from the monitoring will be used to make adjustments to N fertilisation to ensure optimal crop N status.

It is anticipated that the UAL work will demonstrate in diverse commercial greenhouses that these approaches can appreciably reduce N and irrigation application, while maintaining production.

There will be an active on-going program of divulgation to actively involve the local sector in these on-farm activities.