On March 15 , 2024 , the Technology Center of Stanley Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. invited Professor Chen Qing , host of the “China-EU International Cooperation in Agricultural Nutrition Management Based on Natural Solutions” project, and his team to provide online guidance on the demonstration and promotion project undertaken by the company. and training, more than 20 people from R&D and agrochemicals related to the Stanley Technology Center project attended the meeting.

Manager Wang Zhou reported on Stanley’s later project publicity and demonstration promotion work . The work was mainly assisted by agrochemistry teachers. The following three points should be focused on in future marketing meetings: First, the meeting courseware should have 1-2 pages of project introduction. ppt, the text content has the double logo of the project and the company. The second is to provide on-site photos and other image materials to facilitate statistics. The third is to complete WeChat articles regularly every month and upload to the public account to share more and better technologies.

General Manager Xu Qinzheng made two additional points on product research and development and demonstration and promotion based on the actual situation of the company. First, in the later stage, he hopes to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with project participating units, introduce the latest research results, and conduct corresponding effect verification based on the company’s product research and development related processes. , to promote the transformation of results ; secondly, regarding product packaging design, we will actively communicate with the company’s marketing and brand center, so that the project results can go deep into the fields and benefit more farmers and dealers.

Professor Chen Qing first affirmed the progress made by the company in the demonstration and promotion work, and put forward several opinions: 1. In the project demonstration and promotion, the role of experts within the project should be fully utilized, and the nearest demonstration sites should be selected based on the geographical distribution of the demonstration sites. Guiding experts; 2. Agrichemical services should be demand-oriented and truly bring benefits to farmers; 3. The color and form of project promotional materials should be European versions, which can be displayed in the form of banners, billboards, and promotional flags. Communicate in a timely manner during the entire project process, make full use of resources from all parties, make the best use of them, and promote the smooth implementation of the project.

At the meeting , Professor Chen Qing also gave a special report titled “Product Demonstration and Promotion of Functional Fertilizers” for the participants, specifically focusing on the innovation points of functional fertilizers, scenarios for realizing fertilizer functions, how to conduct field surveys and records, A comprehensive statement was made on the expanded functions of innovative fertilizers and the strengthening of publicity work in the later stages of the project.

Through the discussion at this online meeting, the company’s project work content was further clarified. In the future, the company will focus on the research and development and demonstration promotion of humic acid-enhanced fertilizer products, and create a demonstration benchmark for nitrogen and phosphorus emission reduction of humic acid-enhanced fertilizer products.

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