Frans Vervaet

Our machines are connected with the internet. This brings a lot of benefits for our customers.
Vervaet Connect gives smartfarming a new dimension.

All Vervaet self-propelled slurry injectors and harvesters will be equipped with Vervaet Connect from 2022. Through this telemetry solution, both real-time and historical machine data can be viewed remotely in the online portal MyVervaet. In addition, data can be viewed and exported on harvested tonnages or applied amounts of fertilisers and nutrients.

Vervaet Connect is an extension of any farm management system. Machine data regarding performance, operation and positioning are displayed in real-time on the MyVervaet platform. If a Hydro Trike or Quad is equipped with an NIR sensor, this data (as-applied data) can also be read out. For beet and chicory harvesters, a link to the yield measurement system is possible. This information can be exported to numerous popular data platforms.