On December 20-23, 2023, the Task 3 team of the ECONUTRI China-EU project participated in the 11th National New Fertilizer Industry Development Forum and shared a report in Linyi, Shandong Province.


National agricultural technology extension Service center: Jingshu Xin

Ministry of Agriculture and rural microbial fertilizer and edible fungi quality inspection center:Jun Li

College of Resources and Environment of Shandong Agricultural University: Hongyi Luo

Stanley Agriculture Group Co., Ltd : Qinzheng Xu, Ruicheng Ma, Lin Gao, Hui Wang

Representatives of other fertilizer companies and agricultural materials industry

Main Content

Experts and scholars at the meeting pointed out that the development of new fertilizer production was facing the compulsory course of innovation and ecological transformation, and it was also the only way to comprehensively improve the ability of innovative development of new fertilizers in China and promote the leap of Chinese manufacturing to China’s intelligent manufacturing, and scientific fertilization could help the high-quality development of agriculture.

At the meeting, members of the Chinese Mission 3 project team of the ECONUTRI  China-EU project  made a report on “Humic acid application in fertilizer” and shared  research progress in the development and application of humic acid fertilizer in Stanley company. The study found that the larger the humic acid mesh, that was, the higher the fineness, the higher the activation rate. Indexes such as E4/E6 value, free acid content, total acid group, carboxyl group, phenolic hydroxyl group and quinone group had a great influence on fertilizer efficiency. Further, ammonia volatilization and hard water resistance experiments were conducted to verify the synergistic effect of humic acid on nitrogen and the wide applicability of activated humic acid. Fertilizer efficiency experiments showed that both activated humic acid and humic acid had promoting effects on crop growth. Among them, activated humic acid had high activity, low dosage, wide application range and outstanding fertilizer effect. Through the promotion of the project, Stanley will bring more and better technology and fertilizer products to benefit the majority of users.