Within the horticultural sector in Almeria, Organic Production is increasingly important, currently applied in 15% of the total greenhouse surface (i.e. 5.000 Ha). COEXPHAL has the specific role in ECONUTRI to demonstrate and implement new techniques for optimizing water and fertilizer use in these organic crops.

On 1st of December, COEXPHAL organized a workshop on digital technology for agroecological systems. This workshop was directed to field technicians and growers. It was attended by approximately 55 persons, including the four growers who participate in ECONUTRI.

Presentations were given concerning technical details of the use of different types of sensors, some of which are installed the greenhouses that participate in the project. Besides the merely technical contents of this workshop, the growers, who formerly did not know each other, were able to exchange experiences and ideas about their practices, while enjoying some typical Spanish drinks and dishes.