2nd Agri-Innovation Expo in Athens

The Agricultural University of Athens organized on 21-23 Sept. 2023, the 2nd Agri-Innovation Expo 2023, an exhibition for showcasing innovative research ideas to the public.

This event featured over 30 mature research outcomes, 6 university spin-offs, and significant collaborative initiatives.

AUA showcased the ECONUTRI project, in which key issues related to water pollution, NH3 emisions and greenhouse gas emissions are addressed through innovative research technologies

Visitors to Agri-Innovation Expo 2023 had the opportunity to:

Familiarize themselves with the Agricultural University of Athens.

Stay updated on the latest agri-food developments.

Engage with innovative research generated by the university.

Connect with pioneering laboratories and research teams.

Discover teams addressing key issues related to sustainability, circular economy, and environmental protection:

Explore the impact of new research methods and technologies on plant protection, biodiversity, genetics, and bioeconomy.

Enhance food production, quality control, preservation, and supply chain management.

Investigate alternative sustainable energy sources and biotechnology methods for innovative, sustainable bio-products.

More info on www.agrinnovation.aua.gr