NIBIO Særheim Research Station welcomed distinguished visitors on June 21st from the Heilongjiang Academy of Black Soil Conservation and Utilization, China Agricultural University, and Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.

Prof. Qing Chen, the coordinator of the Chinese part of the ECONUTRI project, led his team in presenting their latest research and developments.

During the visit, two external companies were showcased:

  1. Norsk Naturgjødsel: This company produces pelleted manure from chicken and cattle, supplying primarily to farmers in Norway and also exporting to other countries.
  2. Reve Compost: This company processes agricultural waste streams into valuable soil products, focusing on high-quality outputs and minimizing nutrient loss and greenhouse gas emissions.

At the NIBIO Særheim Research Station, a fruitful exchange of information took place between the Chinese and Norwegian partners involved in the ECONUTRI project, fostering collaboration and shared learning.


Chinese partners visited NIBIO-2

Visit to the company Norsk Naturgjødsel. They have capacity to produce 40 tons of pelleted fertilizer per day, when demand is large.

Chinese partners visited NIBIO-3

Reve compost co-compost different fractions of agricultural wastes, like animal manure, plant parts, park and garden wastes. Products from them are soil mixes and soil amendments.

Chinese partners visited NIBIO-4

Nitrogen lost in the composting process was collected and used as N-fertilizers that were injected to the soil by use of such equipment.

Chinese partners visited NIBIO-5

Information about the work in Econutri was exchanged between the two research groups in, China and Norway (NIBIO).