The AUA Team participated in the 3rd International Workshop on Vertical Farming ((VertiFarm2024) on Jan. 18 2024 with a presentation titled: “Optimization of nutrient supply in leafy vegetables grown in vertical farming using the Decision Support System NUTRISENSE”.

The application of the Decision support system NUTRISENSE ( in vertical farming can minimise or even eliminate the need to discharge nutrient solution effluents thus considerably increasing the water and nutrient use efficiency, and concomitantly the sustainability of these production systems.

Developed by the AUA team at the Laboratory of Vegetable Production, NUTRISENSE has now been successfully validated and demonstrated under commercial cropping conditions within the framework of the Econutri project in WP3 (Tasks 3.2 and 3.3). The presentation included compelling insights and visual documentation, emphasizing the system’s real-world applicability.