On the morning of February 28 , 2024 , the ” 2024 Sino-German New Fertilizer Development Summit Forum” with the theme of “Ingenuity and Innovation” was held in Wuhan , Hubei. Rainer Johannes Lechner , head of the international cooperation project of the German Agricultural Association ( DLG ), Ingo Müller, CEO of German Compo Experts , Yang Lei, CEO of Xinyangfeng, etc. attended the event, including representatives from the German Agricultural Association ( DLG ), China Agricultural University, and German Compo Experts Nearly 300 people participated in the training activities , including expert representatives from , Xinyangfeng and other units, as well as outstanding new fertilizer agricultural technology extension personnel and media representatives from all over the country .

The Chinese leader of the Econutri project, Professor Chen Qing of China Agricultural University, was invited to give a report on “Fertilizer Application in Germany Based on Natural Solutions: Experience and Enlightenment”. A detailed and in-depth explanation was given from three aspects: the characteristics of European fertilizer management based on natural solutions, the nutrient synergy of recyclable materials, and fertilization management under future agricultural conditions. He pointed out that nature-based solutions (NbS) have increasingly become a hot topic in the fields of natural resource management and ecological protection. Concepts and technical methods have also received widespread attention and application internationally. Planting and breeding cycles and organic agriculture are the characteristics of German agriculture. , is also a manifestation of natural solutions and has reference significance for China’s fertilization management under future agricultural conditions.

Zhang Li, chief representative of the German Agricultural Association ( DLG ) in China, gave a report on the theme of “German Agriculture and Rural Development”, comprehensively and in-depth analyzing the current situation of German agriculture and rural development. It was introduced that the planting structure in Germany is based on family farms. As the number of farms decreases year by year and the scale continues to increase, a highly specialized and large-scale production model is gradually formed. German agriculture has led the development of digitalization, and more than half of farmers have invested in digital solutions. Digitalization has improved planting efficiency and promoted the sustainable development of agriculture. China and Germany have a broad basis for cooperation in the agricultural field and huge potential for cooperation.

China and Germany are both important economies and agricultural powers in the world, and are important participants, contributors and leaders in global food and agriculture governance. The Sino-German New Fertilizer Development Summit Forum invites agricultural experts from both countries to gather together to discuss new fertilizer development plans. By sharing modern agricultural concepts, technological innovation results and marketing experience, it aims to support the development of modern agriculture for my country’s new fertilizer industry. Explore new paths.


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