On December 2, 2023, at the invitation of Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., LTD., Prof. Chen Qing, the Chinese leader of the China-Eu Intergovernmental Science and Technology Cooperation Project, gave technical training on the fertilizer utilization of waste resources to relevant technicians in Tongzhou Park, Beijing, China.


Prof. Chen Qing, large-scale grain producers, leaders of leading enterprises, and family farmers, etc.

Main content

Based on the concept of natural solutions, Prof. Chen Qing from the College of Resources and Environment at China Agricultural University analyzed the types, characteristics, functions and nutrient substitution effects of organic waste. He believes that the fertilizer utilization of organic waste plays a crucial role in reducing chemical fertilizer application, improving soil quality, and promoting soil health. For solid organic waste, the aerobic fermentation composting process and thermal cracking fertilizer production process were introduced, and some effects of ultra-high temperature composting technology in maintaining the disease resistance and growth promotion function of organic fertilizer materials and reducing pollution and emission were expounded. Regarding liquid organic waste, functional organic water-soluble fertilizer produced through raw material selection and combination had a positive effect on improving the resistance of roots. Finally, the technical principles of combining organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer in wheat and maize rotation and facility vegetables were introduced under the two-crop planting mode. Next, the project team will establish a demonstration site in Tongzhou Park, Beijing, China, for functional water-soluble fertilizer, hydrothermal cracking fertilizer, idle crops and vegetable straw waste treatment and return to the field.