On December 11th, 2023, part members of the Task 2 project of the China-EU project exchanged ideas on the technology and application of plant waste resource utilization at the Nanjing Vegetable Science Research Institute.


China Agricultural University: Yuhui Qiao, Yanming Li, Ruixue Chang

Nanjing Agricultural University: Xuhui Deng

Nanjing Vegetable Science Research Institute: Weiming Li, Bei Wang

Main content

Members of Task 2 in the ECONUTRI China-EU project engaged in onsite discussions at the Nanjing Vegetable Science Research Institute’s experimental park. They discussed the technical details of solid waste resource utilization and then visited the park’s modern greenhouse, among other facilities. Director Weiming Li of the Nanjing Vegetable Science Research Institute gave a comprehensive presentation on the institute’s recycling model, which involves the local treatment of plant-derived waste using airstream membrane fermentation technology to produce organic fertilizer. The Nanjing Vegetable Science Research Institute has a long-standing collaboration with Nanjing Agricultural University, serving as a base for the implementation of new technologies and contributing to the China-EU project as a technological beneficiary, participating in the project’s technical demonstration efforts.