WP 3

Aptisesns CG is to provide an autonomous 8 ion analyzer to WP and AUA to integrate with AUA’s Nutrisens platform. The 8-ion analyser must be capable of self-calibration and automatic sampling of ions in drip and drain solutions giving results comparable to laboratory equipment.

The sensors developed must be low cost so they can be produced at a price point accessible to most growers at all levels globally.

The technology to be developed during this project is building on a device developed in a previous H2020 project called timescale and shortcomings of the prototype will be addressed.

Task 3.3.1 A fertigation system equipped with ion selective electrodes (ISEs), and controlled by NUTRISENSE software will be further optimized to recycle fertigation effluents in closed soilless culture based on real-time sensing

3.3.2 Low cost, robust ISEs, and will be further developed (CG) and validated and demonstrate in a commercial greenhouse (WP).