The “BioCNG Workshop” was an informative and hands-on event held as part of an EU-funded project. This project focused on the construction of a CNG station where biogas was converted into compressed natural gas (CNG) for practical applications, such as operating tractors.

Highlights of the Workshop:

Live Demonstration: Participants witnessed a live demonstration of a tractor operating on BioCNG, showcasing the practical application of the technology.

EcoNutri Display: The EcoNutri poster was prominently displayed both in the workshop hall and at the pilot-scale facility, highlighting its significance in the project.

Work Package 4 (WP4) Presentation: We provided detailed explanations of the ongoing and planned work in WP4, focusing on anaerobic digestion and solid-liquid separation processes.

The workshop attracted numerous attendees from both industry and research institutes, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing knowledge and advancements in the field of BioCNG technology.