The Econutri project conducted its second-year General Assembly from 22-24 November 2023 in Turin, Italy. The Università degli Studi di Torino (UNITO-P10), our  host, orchestrated an outstanding meeting with 90 in-person participants and a few joining online, held at the  premises of Circolo del Design.

During this event, each partner presented the advancements achieved in their respective Work Packages. The three-day gathering was marked by vibrant discussions, knowledge sharing, and brainstorming sessions. Our diverse team, all agricultural experts from Europe and China, showcased the power of collaboration in driving cutting-edge technologies aimed at reducing nitrogen and phosphorus losses to the environment.

Additionally, the second-year meeting welcomed our External Advisory Board, which provided constructive feedback to enhance our efficiency in achieving objectives.

Several of our stakeholders, specifically 5 out of 47, had the opportunity to present their organizations and describe their interest in the processes and outcomes of the Econutri project.

Econutri serves as a notable illustration of how European partnerships can unite to address the European Union’s Green Deal objectives. By combining our strengths and expertise, we are paving the way towards a more sustainable, pollution-free, and prosperous future.